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  Andreas Romeyke 0d949e7dda Released 0.069 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke ce177b5df0 - fixed warning under Windows, because stat uner windows returns "" for blksize 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke c6621b85e6 Released 0.068 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 535f8fc84a - removed Module dependency Parallel::Iterator 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 385b29cabd - added notes 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 8f03d2d1a8 - typofix 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke fad5d608b7 - removed stat-call 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 8b9387042b - removed unused module 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 12428a2f6a - bugfix, '-s $file' fails if $file is empty 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 7b05386cd6 - removed parallel support, because it reduced code complexity. A loss of performance should not be significantly measurable. 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke fedbdf628c - minor, use get_hash_string() 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke f18092c2a9 - fixed namespace 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 12ba23b0d8 - more robust test case for Perl 5.10 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 6b9e78bb12 - fix comment 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke d93d05894e - simplified chomp_portable() from object method to class method 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2f200f00c1 - refactoring, extracted get_optimal_bufsize() to Archive::BagIt::Role::Algorithm 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 21c7f4cded - replaces File::stat::stat with '-s $file', resulting in real speedup calculating payload oxum 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 3a0f8c161e - improved __file_find() 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 05c0cd40f5 Released 0.067 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke b19075105b Merge branch 'dev' 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 9d4ba270aa - minor 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke aeb68ff3db - added portability module to handle chomps in a portable way (if bags built under windows verified under linux and so on) 1 month ago
  Andreas Romeyke 95cf3dfaaa Released 0.066 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 038340ab87 - refactoring, is_baginfo_key_reserved() uses pattern matching now 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 610f9c7e1d - added paylod-oxum checks in verify_baginfo() 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 61805b7325 - added test to check if payload oxum is verified 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 035e569a94 - fixed dzil problem 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke fa7917f31a - new by dzil 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke bfd725b9eb Released 0.065 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2905f05abb - typo fix 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 79cf5256bc - refactoring, fixed complexity for file checks from an O(n^2) to O(n) in _verify_XXX_manifests() 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke b365a0f139 - refactoring, speedup via portable check 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 4cf43c81ee - added tests to check if force_utf8 flag works as expected 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke ecd15eae61 - added checks if parallel flag is set 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke b7372c7441 - updated POD 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2437873857 Released 0.064-TRIAL 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 79c10dc3e1 - Dist::Zilla / Podweaver / POD cleanup to avoid multiple sections 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke db137da99f - bugfix, force_utf8 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke bc9189a310 - portability fix in _build_payload_path() 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 1afb300e56 - add checks for __file_find() 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 617903ba61 - removed entry because part of @Author::DOHERTY 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 1092a22aca Released 0.063 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke ecec4b4809 - bugfix, handle UTF-8 correctly, see https://perldoc.perl.org/Encode.html#UTF-8-vs.-utf8-vs.-UTF8 for an explanation 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke be4e76c8be - bugfix, handle UTF-8 correctly, see https://perldoc.perl.org/Encode.html#UTF-8-vs.-utf8-vs.-UTF8 for an explanation 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 83071e1ae6 Released 0.062 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 55231d73bf - added testsuite to check deeply if a new bag is correctly written to disk 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke cf0206c030 - bugfix in create_baginfo() to write koorekt Bagging date 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke 8034ffe6c6 Released 0.061 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke f67bdf2f78 Merge branch 'dev' 3 months ago
  Andreas Romeyke c29b4f33df - refactoring, clarified method names 3 months ago