A clone of 'official' Archive::BagIt reposity by CPAN author Rob Schmidt (https://github.com/rjeschmi/Archive-BagIt). This repository contains patches to update Archive::BagIt to version 1.0 of BagIt, see RFC 8493 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8493)
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BEGIN { chdir 't' if -d 't' }
use warnings;
use utf8;
use open ':std', ':encoding(UTF-8)';
use Test::More 'no_plan';
use Test::Warnings;
use strict;
use lib '../lib';
use File::Spec;
use Data::Printer;
use File::Path;
use File::Copy;
my $Class = 'Archive::BagIt';
my @ROOT = grep {length} 'src';
#warn "what is this: ".Dumper(@ROOT);
my $SRC_BAG = File::Spec->catdir( @ROOT, 'src_bag');
my $SRC_FILES = File::Spec->catdir( @ROOT, 'src_files');
my $DST_BAG = File::Spec->catdir(@ROOT, 'dst_bag');
#validate tests
my $bag = $Class->new({bag_path=>$SRC_BAG});
ok($bag, "Object created");
isa_ok ($bag, $Class);
note ("checksum algos:", explain $bag->checksum_algos);
note ("manifest files:", explain $bag->manifest_files);
note ("bag path:", explain $bag->bag_path);
note ("metadata path: ", explain $bag->metadata_path);
note explain $bag->tagmanifest_files;
my $result = $bag->verify_bag;
ok($result, "Bag verifies");
note "copying to $DST_BAG";
if(-d $DST_BAG) {
copy($SRC_FILES."/1", $DST_BAG);
copy($SRC_FILES."/2", $DST_BAG);
copy($SRC_FILES."/thréê", $DST_BAG);
note "making bag $DST_BAG";
my $bag;
my $warning = Test::Warnings::warning { $bag = $Class->make_bag($DST_BAG) };
like (
$warning ,
qr/no payload path/,
'Got expected warning from make_bag()',
) or diag 'got unexpected warnings:' , explain($warning);
ok ($bag, "Object created");
isa_ok ($bag, $Class);
ok ($bag->load(), "Bag loaded");
my $result = $bag->verify_bag();
ok($result, "Bag verifies");
my $bag = $Class->new($SRC_BAG);
my @manifests = $bag->manifest_files();
my $cnt = scalar @manifests;
my $expect = 1;
is($cnt, $expect, "All manifests counted");
my @tagmanifests = $bag->tagmanifest_files();
my $tagcnt = scalar @tagmanifests;
my $tagexpect =1;
is($tagcnt, $tagexpect, "All tagmanifests counted");