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@ -54,5 +54,17 @@ Q: I am using cmake, but it fails with "CMake Error: your CXX compiler:
C++compiler then?
A: cmake uses C++-compiler for its checks. Sorry, you need a C++ then.
Q: Your tool processes very slow, why?
A: No, the tool is optimized for very fast processing. On a NVME-based SSD it
processes 550 TIFF files (2,9GB) in less 3 seconds. We have tested it also
on our NFS based filesystem with similar fast results. There is only one
cornercase, if you have a broken TIFF with very large IFDs. Because
checkit_tiff tries to find all errors in a given TIFF file it does not use
early aborts than some other tools.
Q: I have a fully destroyed TIFF because checkit_tiff reports IFD errors. Is
there any chance to repair the file?
A: You could give "fixit_tiff" a try:
This project comes with some helper tools to find lost IFDs and could
fix some typical errors in broken TIFF files.