"checkit_tiff" is an incredibly fast conformance checker for baseline TIFFs (with various extensions), see http://andreas-romeyke.de
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Andreas Romeyke 28d714fc0b - fixed testplan 3 years ago
headers - changed void* for streamp to uint8 * 3 years ago
helper - bugfix, removed outdated assertions 3 years ago
ifdrules - fixed bug found by ubsan 3 years ago
messages - typo fixes 3 years ago
parser - removed deprecated code 3 years ago
risk_analyzer - minor fixes of problems detected by cppcheck 3 years ago
tagrules - bugfix, removed outdated assertions 3 years ago
validate_icc - typo fixes 3 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Merge branch 'feature_newrenderer' into development 4 years ago
Makefile - changed version gen 5 years ago
checkit_check_config.c - added code to enable human readable output of internal exe-stack 4 years ago
checkit_tiff.c - typo fixes 3 years ago
checkit_tiff_risk.c - calls to parser_header_and_endianess() improved 4 years ago
toolchain-32bit_on64.cmake - toolchain to compile 32bit only on 64 bit system 4 years ago
toolchain-mingw32.cmake - added CMAKE as default build system 5 years ago
toolchain-mingw64.cmake - toolchain to compile with 64-bit version of mingw 4 years ago
version.mk - refactoring, moved sourcecode to src/ now 5 years ago