"checkit_tiff" is an incredibly fast conformance checker for baseline TIFFs (with various extensions), see http://andreas-romeyke.de
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"checkit_tiff" is a conformance checker for baseline TIFFs (with various
extensions). It works in different way than other tools. Instead to use a
hardcoded rule set with predefined values, you are able to define tags and
corresponding values more fine granulary. The rulesets are human readable and
could be adapted to own needs.

The "checkit_tiff" works on commandline and therefore it is embedable in scripts

The tools are developed for purposes of curation and longterm preservation

In detail

- checks a TIFF against ruleset
- needs a Linux or an AIX system with installed libtiff4
(crosscompiling to Windows should work, too)
- to compile, please read README.compile
- help comes with option "checkit_tiff -h"


the sourcecode is licensed under conditions of libtiff, see http://libtiff.maptools.org for details.


* The program could already be used to check TIFF-files now
* Remember, it is in alpha-state and needs additional rules to validate tiff files completely.
* Please, if you find errors or do you have test files like
** https://github.com/EasyinnovaSL/DPFManager/tree/develop/src/test/resources/
** or https://github.com/openpreserve/jhove/tree/junit_tests/examples/tiff/badfiles
* please do not hesitate to contact me.
* to *repair* TIFFs, you could give "fixit_tiff" a try: https://github.com/SLUB-digitalpreservation/fixit_tiff

== Compile ==

see file 'README.compile' for details, in short:

== Run ==

Use the builtin help via './checkit_tiff -h'

Here is an example output using
$> checkit_tiff example_configs/cit_tiff6_baseline_SLUB.cfg tiffs_should_fail/invalid_date.tiff
'build/checkit_tiff' version: development
revision: 176
licensed under conditions of libtiff (see http://libtiff.maptools.org/misc.html)
tiff file/dir=tiffs_should_fail/invalid_date.tiff
all processed
tag 34377 (Photoshop Image Ressources) is found, but is not whitelisted (or rule has no matched dependency)
tag 315 (Artist) is found, but is not whitelisted (or rule has no matched dependency)
tag 306 (DateTime) should have value ^[12][901][0-9][0-9]:[01][0-9]:[0-3][0-9] [012][0-9]:[0-5][0-9]:[0-6][0-9]$, but has value (values or count) 04.03.2010 09:59:17
tag 306 (DateTime) should have value should be "yyyy:MM:DD hh:mm:ss", but has value (values or count) of datetime was "04.03.2010 09:59:17"
Found 4 errors
No, the given tif is not valid :(