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  Andreas Romeyke 48107b8fa6 - fix link 1 year ago
  Andreas Romeyke 454a65452b - fix copy'n'paste error 1 year ago
  Andreas Romeyke 1b32680ba1 - bugfix, identify ICC profileversion correctly 1 year ago
  Andreas Romeyke 25647dd835 - bugfix, typo TIFFRewriteDirectory() 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de b212a1410a - bugfix: TIFFWriteDirectory() is errorneous because sometimes libtiff 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 1017d8e5b6 - fixed man-page 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 984459b21d - bugfix, because libtiff will automatically add a missed tag, the function TIFFWriteDirectory() could overwrite data, because new IFD length exceeds old IFD length. Therefore datetime is fixed in-place without using TIFFWriteDirectory(), TIFFGetField() or TIFFSetField 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de afa6205ca6 - bugfix, close TIFF structure if repaired to avoid wrong parser calls 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de d23c4e202f - fixed warning, the expression "NULL != new_..." is always true 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 93d116d716 - fixed warning, return was missed 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 4208326a78 - updated man-page 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 6a433d00c0 - improved help 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2202c3e770 - added version correction code in correct_iccprofile() 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 85b2379684 - improved help 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2a860847b9 - added a preliminary man-page 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2f2abbcb5e - bugfix, check pointer 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke f5db30b4ae - bugfix, exit if file could not be opened 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 099b8df361 - typo fixes 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke af9f6193b2 - minor fixes (reported by cppcheck) 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 8eab67756b - added cleanup for unregistered 'Lino' entry in preferred CMM type 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke dcfae6be07 - added new archeological tool print_ifd_at_adress 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2e613cb674 - init, added tool to find all adresses which are candidates for IFDs in given TIFF file 3 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke fce86f65f9 - adapted README.windows to compile it with cmake 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke cf9b8246a0 - bugfix, instead using libtiff (which is broken, see bug #2660), 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke c359107aaf - added support for RICHTIFFIPTC, too 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 6b61a3b356 - added workaround for broken libtiff (libtiff replaces existing exififd type with wrong variant) 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke a213ec3fb8 - added missed declaration 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2d41b82dc1 - using vim tabstop 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke a2ef186b4b - rewritten cleanup_tag() avoiding LibTIFF calls, because LibTIff writes ExifIFD with wrong type 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 821fd44507 - set vim tabstops 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke f51f71d79c - added a repair option for wrong exififd-type 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2aebfa2a29 - replaced TIFFRewriteDirectory() call with TIFFWriteDirectory() call 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 9fe3e4041b - added support to cleaning broken ICC-profiles (preferred cmmtype = 'APPL') 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2203ddf091 - minor 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke faa3b4746c - fixed returncode handling 4 years ago
  andreas.romeyke@slub-dresden.de 3e90be6f37 - fixed memleak 4 years ago
  andreas.romeyke@slub-dresden.de 13a5fa044d - added support for cmake 4 years ago
  andreas.romeyke@slub-dresden.de fe1027f5fa - added license information 4 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 5f800420c8 - fixed paths and descs 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 37895e9634 - fixed url 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke a788c822d4 - added hint to https://github.com/SLUB-digitalpreservation/checkit_tiff 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke e07c4ffe87 - added comment 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke fcab247a0c - removed checkit_tiff/ subdir, because now a separate repository at https://github.com/SLUB-digitalpreservation/checkit_tiff 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 7efbacfb68 - beautified 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke f7af74c435 - prepared for repos split 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke a3669e25f1 - renamed checkit/ checkit_tiff/ to prepare repos split 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke ac964e8f83 - improved comment 5 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke d57cb70b77 - added hints about regex usage 5 years ago
  andreas.romeyke@slub-dresden.de 29fa65ac12 - fixed memleaks in TIFFTagName(), removed strdup, because constant 5 years ago
  andreas.romeyke@slub-dresden.de 95a847f5d6 - fixed some memleaks 5 years ago