134 Commit (master)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  Andreas Romeyke 12a7cd52e7 - added BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE() 3 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke fc6fc7d7d3 - fixed missed cpack definition for install 3 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke 0564198810 - enabled output if validation error 3 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke 79307541b4 - minor cleanups 3 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke 349b0f51e9 - more tolerant if trailing slash missed 3 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke 481d6988b1 - added cpack definitions 7 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke b7cde83c0d - added tests using the new test bagits 11 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke d82f471cd6 - added hint about more verbose test output 11 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke c4329edd32 - added some debian dependencies 11 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke cbe55a2293 - added testcases (thx to Serhey Bolkun) 11 mesi fa
  Andreas Romeyke 5a5a36b46f - added hardening compiler- and linker flags 11 mesi fa
  art1pirat 90fe0837cd - testcase fixed 1 anno fa
  art1pirat 1b18ba8a33 - fixed paths 1 anno fa
  art1pirat 348bf0b7b0 - bugfix, make file list uniq 1 anno fa
  art1pirat 5da41e5db1 - added 1.0 support 1 anno fa
  art1pirat 57946bf91b - added support for sha512 1 anno fa
  art1pirat 673115ae9d - enhanced testcases to support 1.0 1 anno fa
  art1pirat b8d8e5898b - updated support information 1 anno fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 2e3111a4ff - fixed constant width in set_BagSize() 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de c68fc8601c - set_BagSize() used long long usigned now 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de d4ac890a1e - prepared doxygen target, but newer cmake is needed 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de e1c1a7cf60 - added TODO comment 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 2d2920910a - fixed typo 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 998276ccc8 - set_PayloadOxum() also sets BagSize 2 anni fa
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de a5d0753e8e - updated 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 4b3cddde19 - added store() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 985cdfc6a1 - added an example to create a bag 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke b0e28c901f - added create_new() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke a32729223f - added import_data_dir() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 1f079cfc99 - bugfix, using ${project_source_dir} now 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke f2e2de3de2 - renamed example test_bag to validate_a_bag 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke eb7fd6b93c - init 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke a5d329025e - added License information 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke d245bd78ff - replaced std::cout with log stream 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke ae8223f927 - added fixture for target dir 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 8c622f5968 - fixed testcase 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 6f1cb97f01 - added temporary directory creation/delete 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 1a637de73e - added debug() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 40140264d3 - added directory check 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 7285110499 - using log instead cout 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 436070638f - whitespaces 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke d08a135245 - 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 62f5651f96 - fixed basedir 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 506c55db0b - using variable of Manifest 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke d05784b03a - removed specialized variable 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 137dfafb2b - implemented has_*(), get_*() and set_*() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke 2337f58c1b - added testcases for has_/get_/set_* functions 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke e0cfba6695 - removed debug() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke bfc0363949 - renamed get_oxum() to get_PayloadOxum() 2 anni fa
  Andreas Romeyke e2ede44a04 - added missed list include 2 anni fa