14 Commits (c68fc8601c9a88c7b6fc7dbfa7f39cdac320a53a)

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  art1@andreas-romeyke.de c68fc8601c - set_BagSize() used long long usigned now 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 998276ccc8 - set_PayloadOxum() also sets BagSize 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke a5d329025e - added License information 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 3e0e4b1459 - added some missed methods 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 3cb1af993d - added access to logger 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke 2f99414816 - log is now private 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke c9944088ca - log is now stringstream and not list<string> 2 years ago
  Andreas Romeyke ffc4286ad8 - store() added 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 17cd8c56f0 - added support for oxum validation of payload files if possible 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de a0c5797fe8 - changed signature of validate() methods 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 62a2ad405a - added validate() method to bag 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 65bd3a72fe - added payloadmanifest.cpp 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 608ad395fa - fixed header file problems using different #ifdef to avoid multiple includes 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 5860cd89d8 - separate files in subdirs 2 years ago
  art1@andreas-romeyke.de 61e12fd9e8 - init 2 years ago